December 11, 20232 Minutes reading time

When is the best time to sell a used motorhome?


The perfect time to sell a motorhome?

When selling a used motorhome or camper, the question often arises as to when is the best time to sell your recreational vehicle quickly and at the best possible price.

You should bear in mind that the best time to sell does not depend on the time of year or the weather, but on various factors relating to the motorhome itself. Contrary to the widespread recommendation to sell the vehicle in spring or summer, it is not the timing but the individual characteristics of the motorhome that play a decisive role in the sale.

The most important factors that significantly influence the success of the sale and therefore also the price are

  • Make and model of your motorhome or camper
  • Age and condition
  • Mileage
  • Equipment

In addition to these factors, another immensely important factor has emerged in recent years, particularly due to the corona crisis, namely the current availability of new and used motorhomes.

Better to sell sooner than later

There is no "perfect" time to sell a motorhome or camper. Instead, you can successfully sell your motorhome at any time. So don't worry too much about the best time to sell and instead focus on presenting the motorhome well and highlighting its best features.

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Selling a motorhome online with ease

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