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Price forecast 2024: Price development for motorhomes

motorhome price development

Market disruptions influence price trends

The coronavirus pandemic has led to unprecedented turbulence in the market for new and used motorhomes and caravans. During the pandemic and lockdowns, the demand for leisure vehicles skyrocketed due to the desire, or rather the "need", for individual travel. This increased demand was offset by a limited supply, which led to the drastic price increases for new and used leisure vehicles, especially motorhomes and campervans, that we are all familiar with today.

Nevertheless, a dramatic change is now on the horizon for 2024. The rising cost of living, high interest rates on loans and the general uncertainty regarding politics and global peace, as well as exorbitant purchase prices for motorhomes, have significantly dampened the willingness of campers and potential new campers to buy. The exorbitant prices in particular are a nuisance for prospective buyers, as a study by Promobil shows. In addition, there is currently an enormous oversupply of new and (young) used motorhomes and caravans on the market. Any attentive observer can easily recognize this fact, even without any special market knowledge, as the usual online marketplaces are flooded with offers from both dealers and private sellers. This raises the crucial question: Now that prices have spiraled, will they plummet? How will prices develop in 2024? What predictions can be made about where prices will be heading in the coming years? Find out more about our forecast for the new and used motorhome market in 2024 and beyond in our article.

Used motorhomes: prices down, demand still stable

Demand for used motorhomes and campervans remains at a pleasingly high level, as shown in the diagram below. Compared to previous years, there is a slight increase for 2023. More and more travelers are showing an interest in caravanning vacations, whether for summer vacations by the sea, winter trips to the mountains or city breaks - camping and caravanning are very much in vogue.

However, the price and value trends for used leisure vehicles areless pleasing, especially for motorhome owners. Due to the massive oversupply on the market, prices for vehicles of all ages are under pressure. Those who bought new motorhomes in 2021 and 2022 are particularly affected. These young used vehicles are experiencing above-average depreciation, which is getting worse with each passing month.

In general, young used vehicles (1 to 2 years and 2 to 4 years) are currently experiencing the sharpest price falls. Large rental companies and dealers in particular are placing a considerable number of young used motorhomes from their rental fleet on the market, resulting in a high supply and detrimental price developments, even leading to a drop in prices for some models and model ranges.

When broken down by vehicle type, semi-integrated models are currently performing best, as this is where prices have fallen the least. Panel vans, alcove vehicles and even fully integrated motorhomes, on the other hand, are experiencing price and value reductions of up to double-digit percentages.


New motorhomes: falling prices due to declining demand

Unfortunately, the situation for new motorhomes looks bleak : Prices are falling and demand is in sharp decline, as the new registration figures from the Federal Motor Transport Authority show (see also chart below). The weak demand meets an overwhelming oversupply of new vehicles. Dealers are trying to increase buying interest and reduce their surplus stock with discounts and bonuses. However, these discounts trigger competition in which every dealer has to keep up, leading to a downward trend in prices. New model series are coming onto the market and pushing down the prices of discontinued 2023 models, some of which are still unsold. The forecast is negative in the short and medium term, which is why further price declines are unfortunately to be expected. Many companies are facing considerable challenges for the coming years, especially for 2024.


Conclusion: Prices will fall in 2024, selling now makes sense

Quite a few motorhome owners are increasingly discouraged about camping. If you are thinking about selling your motorhome, it is advisable to act early in order to achieve an acceptable selling price. The longer you delay, the greater the loss in value, and the predicted price trend unfortunately does not bode well. The times when prices for motorhomes and campervans only went in one direction, i.e. rose and increased in value, are clearly over.

Before you sell your motorhome, it is best to determine the actual market value. If you know the right price for your recreational vehicle, you can avoid selling it below value or offering it too high, which can result in your vehicle not being in demand on the market.

Use our free online valuation service to do this. Simply enter the details of your motorhome and send the valuation request, it only takes five minutes. You will receive a non-binding price estimate by e-mail within 24 hours, without having to enter any personal details.

Selling a motorhome online with ease

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