January 08, 20244 Minutes reading time

Price analysis 2023: Motorhome prices in decline


Market distortions have an impact on price trends

The coronavirus pandemic led to serious, unprecedented upheavals in the market for new and used motorhomes and caravans. The desire, or rather the "need" for individual travel in times of pandemic and lockdowns led to an explosion in demand for leisure vehicles. This excess demand was met with too little supply at the time, with the resulting consequences that we are all familiar with today: Huge price increases for both new and used leisure vehicles, particularly motorhomes and campervans.

But now the tide seems to be turning. Due to the increased cost of living, high interest rates on loans, general uncertainty caused by the political and world peace situation and exorbitant purchase prices for motorhomes, the willingness of campers and those who want to become campers to consume and buy is decreasing.

According to a study by Promobil, prospective buyers are most annoyed by excessively high prices. In addition, there is an enormous oversupply of new and (young) used motorhomes and caravans. An attentive observer can recognize this fact without any special knowledge of the market - the relevant online marketplaces are full of offers for sale, both from dealers and private sellers. This raises the crucial question: will the price explosion be followed by a fall in prices? How are prices currently developing and, above all, what price trends will we see in the coming years 2024 and 2025? Read our forecast for the market for used and new motorhomes here.

Used motorhomes: prices down, demand still stable

Let's start with used vehicles: demand for used motorhomes and campervans remains at a pleasingly high level (see image below). Compared to previous years, a slight increase can be recorded for 2023. More and more travelers are becoming enthusiastic about caravanning vacations: whether summer vacations by the sea, winter vacations in the mountains or city breaks - caravanning and camping are very much in vogue.

However, the price and value development of used leisure vehicles isless pleasing, especially for owners of motorhomes. Due to the massive oversupply of vehicles on the market, prices for vehicles of all ages are coming under pressure. Unfortunately, motorhome owners who bought new in 2021 and 2022 are being hit the hardest: these now young used vehicles are suffering an above-average loss in value , which is increasing with each passing month.

In general, sales prices for young used cars (1 to 2 years and 2 to 4 years) are currently falling the most. The large rental companies and dealers in particular are disposing of vast quantities of young vehicles from their own rental fleets, thus keeping the surplus supply of young used motorhomes at a very high level. A high inventory of vehicles with a moderate propensity to buy inevitably leads to a negative price trend, even to a price collapse.

When looking at the different segments, semi-integrated motorhomes are still the best performers, with the lowest price falls, while panel vans, alcoves and even fully integrated motorhomes are experiencing price and value reductions in the double-digit percentage range.


New motorhomes: prices plummet, demand declines

Unfortunately, the overall picture looks worse for new motorhomes: Here, too, the price trend is negative, with vehicle prices or values falling, but at the same time demand has also plummeted, as the figures for new registrations show (see also image below). The subdued demand is also being met by an enormous oversupply of new vehicles. Dealers are trying to stimulate buying interest and reduce the surplus stock in yards by offering discounts and bonuses. However, discounts from one dealer fuel discounts from another dealer, as every business has to remain competitive. This development leads to a downward spiral with increasingly falling prices . New model series come onto the market and push prices down further for expiring model years that are still unsold in the yards. The overall situation will not improve in the short to medium term, which is why we can unfortunately expect prices to continue to fall. This will present many farms with major challenges. How the situation will develop in 2024 and beyond is currently questionable.


Conclusion: If you want to sell a motorhome, you should act now

Quite a few motorhome owners and campers have had enough of traveling on wheels. If you are also thinking of selling your motorhome, you should act early if you want to achieve a good selling price. The longer you wait, the greater the loss in value and the more negative the price trend. The days of price increases and value growth are over. You can consider yourself lucky if the loss in value of your own motorhome is only moderate.

Ideally, you should find out what your motorhome is actually worth before actually selling it. If you know the current market value of your recreational vehicle, you don't run the risk of selling below value or overpricing it and thus "burning" your recreational vehicle on the market.

Use our free online valuation service to do this. Simply enter your motorhome details and send your valuation request - it only takes five minutes. You will receive your free price estimate by e-mail within 24 hours. Without any obligation and without providing any personal data.

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