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Experience reports on caravanmarkt24 for motorhome sales

A look behind the facade - Our references

Real references from enthusiastic customers

Watch the videos of our satisfied customers who report on their experiences selling their motorhome with caravanmarkt24 and were extremely satisfied.

Angela: Sale of a Bravia Swan camper van

What Angela particularly liked about caravanmarkt24:

  • Trustworthy
  • Good customer service
  • Fast sale

You can view the motorhome Angela sold here

Field report from Angela about caravanmarkt24

Norbert: Sale of a motorhome Dethleffs T7051 semi-integrated

What Norbert particularly liked about caravanmarkt24:

  • Transparent
  • Simple process of setting up your own motorhome
  • Uncomplicated processing with the buyer

You can view the motorhome Norbert sold here

Testimonial from Norbert about caravanmarkt24

How the motorhome sale works

If you don't want to go through the hassle of selling, you should take a closer look at caravanmarkt24. Here, the sale of motorhomes takes place in the form of a price-driving online bidding process, which is intended to promote competition for the object for sale compared to conventional sales methods. On the bidding side are professional specialist dealers from the industry. The highlight: the entire sales process is shifted to the Internet. This saves phone calls and viewing appointments with interested parties as well as test drives and haggling on site. For sellers, caravanmarkt24 is free of charge; if successful, the buyer pays a commission to the portal.

Volker: Sale of a Pilote P650 GJ semi-integrated motorhome

What Volker particularly liked about caravanmarkt24:

  • Excellent customer service
  • Questions were answered precisely and ambiguities were cleared up
  • Reliable buyer

You can view the motorhome Volker sold here

Testimonial from Volker about caravanmarkt24

Roland: Sale of a motorhome Bürster T602 semi-integrated

What Roland particularly liked about caravanmarkt24:

  • Very simple process
  • Buyer kept to all agreements
  • Price was satisfactory

Here you can take a look at the motorhome Roland sold

Field report from Roland about caravanmarkt24

Simply sell your motorhome online

Are you looking for a simple and secure way to sell your recreational vehicle at a good price? With caravanmarkt24, you can conveniently obtain purchase offers from almost 300 specialist dealers completely online and sell your motorhome within just 24 hours at the highest bid if you like the price. Save yourself the hassle of viewings, test drives and tiresome price negotiations and sell online. Get non-binding information now and sell your motorhome easily.