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Selling a motorhome: Schwacke list for the valuation


What is the Schwackel list?

The Schwacke List is a list of vehicle types and their average residual values. It is compiled by Schwacke GmbH, a company that specializes in providing used car valuations. The Schwackelist contains information about different types of motorhomes, including makes, models and years of manufacture, as well as details such as equipment, mileage and condition. Based on this information, the value of a used motorhome can be estimated. Although the term "Schwacke list" is widely used, it can be misleading as the original Schwacke list can now be considered a modern vehicle database.

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Disadvantages of the Schwackel list

The Schwackel list is not binding in all cases, as the actual value of a used motorhome depends on various factors, such as the condition of the motorhome, the mileage and the equipment. Although the Schwackel list is one of the best-known vehicle valuations in Germany, it has its limits when it comes to valuing a used motorhome:

  • No individual factors: the Schwackel list only takes into account general vehicle features such as make, model, year of manufacture and mileage. Individual factors such as special equipment features or defects cannot be adequately taken into account.
  • No regional differentiation: The Schwackel list gives a nationwide average value and does not take into account regional differences in the demand or supply of used motorhomes. It is therefore possible that the value of a car in a particular region is higher or lower than the average value given in the Schwackel list.
  • Inaccurate valuation: Motorhome valuations may not be as comprehensive as those from specialist companies in the caravanning industry, who often have more detailed information and knowledge of the motorhome market and used motorhomes in general.

Please note: Consumers or private individuals do not have access to the Schwackel list. The Schwackel list is used by insurance companies, leasing companies and dealers to determine the value of used vehicles, including motorhomes. However, there are very good alternatives to the Schwacke valuation to determine the value of a used motorhome.

Determine exact motorhome price without Schwackel list

You can also determine the value of your used motorhome accurately and free of charge without the Schwackel list in order to achieve the best market price. An online valuation calculator is particularly suitable for this, allowing you to find out the current market value of your motorhome from the comfort of your own home. Use our free online valuation calculator to do this. Simply enter your motorhome details and send your valuation request - it only takes five minutes. You will receive your free price estimate by e-mail within 24 hours. Without any obligation and without providing any personal data.

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