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Important documents for the sale of a motorhome


Documents are the be-all and end-all when selling

You have decided to sell your motorhome. Questions like "What documents do I actually need when selling a motorhome?" are running through your mind. We explain which documents are important to make the sale of your used motorhome or camper stress-free. We also give you tips on documents that will please any prospective buyer and make the sale even easier for you.

Documents required for the sale

In order to have everything you need for a sale, the documents should be collected and prepared in advance. The documents that are absolutely essential for selling a motorhome are

  • Registration certificate part I, colloquially known as the vehicle registration document
  • Registration certificate part II, colloquially known as the vehicle registration document
  • HU test certificate (does not apply to motorhomes that have not yet had to undergo a general inspection)
  • Purchase contract (it is best to fill in all personal data and vehicle data beforehand). We recommend the purchase contract from ADAC

If your motorhome is still financed, you often do not have the vehicle registration document. Read our guide: Selling a financed motorhome to find out what steps you need to take.

More documents increase the sales price

In order to achieve the best possible sales price when selling your motorhome, you should have the following documents to hand if possible:

  • COC document (certificate of conformity)
  • Service or maintenance booklet
  • Proof of repairs or warranty work carried out by the manufacturer
  • Proof of leakage tests carried out
  • Reports on gas tests carried out
  • Logbooks and operating instructions for the motorhome, the base vehicle and the installed equipment
  • ABE (general operating license) for retrofits, chip tuning, attachments, etc.
  • Proof of technical modifications to the motorhome, e.g. in the event of a load increase to increase the permissible total weight

Although these documents are not mandatory for a sale, they can increase the chances of achieving a better price for your motorhome. For example, a complete service booklet is welcome proof for a potential buyer that the motorhome is in good technical condition.

A complete history of leak tests is also of great value and interest, especially for used motorhomes. The nightmare of every motorhome owner is moisture in the motorhome. Leak tests certify that no water is entering the motorhome, which offers prospective buyers additional security.

It is therefore advisable to prepare all documents relating to your motorhome before the sale. This will save you and the buyer stress and time. Therefore, the more documents you can provide, the better and the easier the sale of your motorhome or camper will be!

Documents are prepared: Sell your motorhome now?

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