July 21, 20233 Minutes reading time

Rent a motorhome with AlpacaCamping


Initial question: Sell or keep the motorhome?

A study has shown that most privately owned motorhomes often remain unused for long periods of time during the year. People are then often faced with the difficult decision to sell their recreational vehicle. But watch out! Before you make a choice, we would like to encourage you to consider renting out your motorhome or camper. Renting brings interesting financial benefits. With our partner AlpacaCamping, you even have the right platform at hand to rent out your motorhome or camper to reliable tenants. Let's take a look at the advantages of campervan rental together.

Advantages of motorhome rental

By renting out your motorhome or camper, you can create a regular source of income that helps to cover any monthly installments, insurance and maintenance costs that may arise, as well as absorbing depreciation. If you rent out your motorhome regularly, this can even mean that your motorhome practically finances itself.

With our exclusive partner AlpacaCamping , you can earn up to €4,000 a month by renting out your motorhome. Over the course of the year, this gives you the opportunity to earn a very good income from the rental. Depending on the vehicle model and equipment, your income can of course vary. On request, AlpacaCamping will help you calculate the individual rental price of your camping vehicle. Ultimately, of course, only you determine the final rental price.

Another advantage is the high degree of flexibility when renting a camper van via AlpacaCamping. You retain the option of using your motorhome for personal use whenever it suits you. You can set specific rental periods and reserve others for your own adventures.

In addition, renting out your motorhome allows you to meet other camping enthusiasts from different walks of life. Not only will you build customer relationships, but in the best case scenario, you'll also make friends with like-minded camping enthusiasts.

Our tip: Rent out with AlpacaCamping and earn money in the process

If you want to rent out your camper, we recommend you take a look at AlpacaCamping. The advantages are obvious:

Individual control over your camper: you decide who rents your camper. You determine the price per night yourself. You can also limit the availability of your camper at any time, for example if you want to travel for a few days yourself.

Security for your rental: Thanks to the additional insurance from Allianz, you can rent without having to worry.

Excellent customer service: AlpacaCamping's dedicated customer service team will support you with any questions or concerns you may have and will also take care of managing your vehicle offer.

Transparent conditions: With AlpacaRent you benefit from the most transparent conditions - rental companies only pay 10% of the agency fees.

High chance of rental: No matter what kind of motorhome or caravan you are looking for - thanks to our extensive presence, we work every day to ensure that you receive enough booking requests from verified and reliable campers.

Conclusion: The decision as to whether you should sell or rent out your motorhome depends heavily on individual preferences, your financial goals and, ultimately, your emotional attachment to your camper. So before you sell your gem, take a moment to think about sharing it. Renting through a reliable partner like AlpacaCamping can be a great way to reduce financial burdens, even earn money, while giving other camper friends a good time.

PS: You can of course also rent a motorhome from AlpacaCamping yourself if you want to gain more experience in this area.