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Buying a motorhome: Where is the best place to offer it for sale?

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Find a reputable buyer for the motorhome purchase

Selling a used motorhome can be a challenging task these days, especially if you are looking for a reliable motorhome buyer who will also offer you a fair market price for your motorhome or camper. Fortunately, nowadays there are good ways to sell your motorhome and find a reliable buyer when buying a motorhome. This article will provide you with helpful tips to help you get the best result when selling your motorhome.

Preliminary consideration: Determining the right purchase price for your own motorhome

Before you start selling, the first step is to find out what your used motorhome is actually worth on the used vehicle market. Knowing the value of your motor home is extremely important because it helps you to set the right selling price. A price that is too low would mean that you are giving away potential money, while a price that is too high could put off prospective buyers and thus significantly delay the sales process.

The developments of the last few years since 2020 (since the coronavirus pandemic) in particular have led to major upheavals in the market for new and used motorhomes, campers and caravans. For this very reason, determining the right selling price for a recreational vehicle in 2023 has become a challenge that should not be underestimated. After all, with the price increases of recent years and the now enormous surplus of offers on the relevant sales portals, who can keep track of everything? Against this background, don't you also ask yourself things like: What is a motorhome still worth after 10 years? Or perhaps: Will motorhomes still be more expensive in 2023? Or the classic question, which we'll get to in a moment: How do I determine the value of my motorhome?

Important to know in this context: The Schwacke list is not a good guide if you want to determine the value of your motorhome, as we had already explained in more detail in our Schwacke guide article. Let's take a look together at what sensible options are available to you if you want to offer your motorhome or campervan for sale and have the price estimated.

The best way to do this is to use a free online valuation calculator to have your motorhome valued. A valuation calculator uses both current offers on the market and data from a comprehensive historical database to compare them with your motorhome. In this way, a precise estimate of the current value of your motorhome or camper van can be determined to help you when buying a motorhome.

How to determine the right sales price: Simply submit a non-binding and free quick inquiry using our online motorhome valuation calculator, without entering any personal data and completely anonymously. You will receive the result by e-mail within 48 hours, without any obligation. Simply enter the relevant information such as make, model, first registration, mileage, equipment and any special features in the appropriate fields and send the request, it only takes about 5 minutes.

Motorhome purchase: choose the best sales channel

In the first step, you have determined what your motorhome is currently worth. Bravo! Now we come to the question: Where is the best place to offer my motorhome for sale? This is the next important question, especially if you are looking for a reliable and binding buyer to purchase your motorhome.

Nowadays, there are plenty of sales portals where you as a private seller can offer your motorhome for sale free of charge or for a fee. Most motorhomes in Germany are sold via mobile.de, kleinanzeigen.de (formerly ebay-kleinanzeigen.de), caravanmarkt24.de, caraworld.de, Autoscout24.de and quoka.de.

Here are some interesting details about the best-known and most popular portals for selling motorhomes in Germany:

eBay Kleinanzeigen is now just called "Kleinanzeigen" and is one of the largest online marketplaces in Germany. Here you can advertise your motorhome or camper free of charge and address potential buyers from your region. You should bear in mind that Kleinanzeigen.de is not a specialized platform for motorhomes and your options for providing data may be limited in terms of content. You may also receive dubious inquiries.

mobile.de claims to be one of the leading platforms for the sale of vehicles in Germany. You can advertise your motorhome here and benefit from a wide reach. Please note that an advertisement is only free of charge if the selling price of your vehicle is less than €30,000. Otherwise, fees will be charged for creating the advertisement. You may also receive dubious inquiries here.

AutoScout24 is also a well-known platform for selling vehicles. You can also advertise your motorhome here and find potential buyers. Our experience shows that only very few motorhomes and campers are offered on this platform and the reach here may not be sufficient, especially for your target group.

Caraworld is a specialized platform for the sale of motorhomes and caravans. You can place a free ad here, but with a maximum of 9 images. Caraworld has a smaller user base compared to the larger sales portals.

Facebook Marketplace or Facebook groups are other options for selling your motorhome. You can also create an advertisement here. You need a Facebook user account to do this. The disadvantages are the dependency on Facebook as a platform and, in our experience, the fact that most inquiries are not meant seriously.

caravanmarkt24 is a specialized platform for motorhomes and caravans and offers a new alternative to the usual sales portals. Caravanmarkt24 enables motorhome owners to handle the entire sale online. Time-consuming phone calls and viewing appointments as well as test drives and tiresome negotiations are completely eliminated here; instead, the entire sales process is shifted to the Internet.

You can also offer your motorhome for sale to traditional motorhome buyers or a local dealer. However, you should bear in mind that you will unfortunately regularly receive bait-and-switch offers, the final valuation is often not neutral and rarely in your favor, and you will ultimately only receive a single purchase offer, which makes it impossible to compare it with other motorhome purchase offers.

Which sales channel is right for me?

Choosing the right sales portal for buying a motorhome depends on various factors, especially your personal character and your availability of time and patience. Nowadays, most motorhomes are still offered for sale on the usual sales portals in the hope of a quick and easy sale. Quite often the exact opposite happens - a lengthy sales process with moderate success. All too often, unfortunately, you also hear and read about fraudulent inquiries or indecisive prospective buyers who rob you of valuable time.

If you don't have the time or inclination to go through a complicated sales process, you should take a closer look at the caravanmarkt24.de portal. Here, the sale of motorhomes takes place in the form of a price-driving online bidding process, which is intended to promote competition for the object for sale compared to conventional sales methods. Professional dealers from the industry are on the bidding side. The highlight: the entire sales process is shifted to the Internet. This saves phone calls and viewing appointments with interested parties as well as test drives and haggling on site. For sellers, caravanmarkt24 is free of charge; if successful, the buyer pays a commission to the portal.

Buying a motorhome: how it works

Have you opted for the classic sales route, i.e. offering your vehicle for sale via the usual sales portals? Then you may have to expect a laborious and possibly lengthy sale until you find someone who will buy your motorhome at a good price.

Careful preparation and planning is required to ensure a successful sale. In this section you will therefore find step-by-step instructions on how to effectively present your motorhome on a sales portal, attract potential buyers and complete the sale.


1. preparation:

Before you create your listing, make sure your motorhome is presented in the best possible light. Clean it thoroughly and remove any personal items. It may be a good idea to carry out any maintenance or minor repairs to increase its value.

2. comprehensive documentation:

Gather all relevant documentation such as the vehicle registration and title, service history, technical reports and any repair receipts. This builds trust with potential buyers and allows them to get an accurate picture of the motorhome's history. If necessary, you should already deregister your motorhome now.

3. create meaningful photos:

High-quality photos are of crucial importance for a successful listing. Take photos of your motorhome from different angles, both from the outside and the inside. Use bright daylight and choose a background that shows off the vehicle to its best advantage.

4. detailed description:

Create an honest and detailed description of your motorhome. Include information on the model, year of manufacture, mileage, technical specifications and equipment features. Emphasize special features such as living space design, sleeping capacity, amenities and any additional fittings. You should also provide detailed information on the care and maintenance history. Don't forget to disclose any defects.

5. pricing:

Try to set the right selling price for your motorhome. Research similar models on the market to set the right price for your motorhome. Take into account the age, condition, equipment and, above all, the current market situation. A realistic price increases the chances of interest from potential buyers and a quicker sale. To be on the safe side, use a free online valuation calculator in advance to determine the correct motorhome value.

6. select a sales portal:

Select a suitable sales portal on which to list your motorhome.

7. create an advertisement:

Use the information you have gathered to create an appealing listing. Integrate the high-quality photos, the detailed description and the set price. A well-written listing will attract the attention of potential buyers.

8. contact information and availability:

Provide reliable contact information that interested buyers can use to reach you. Be prepared to return calls, messages or emails promptly to maintain interest.

9. appointments and test drives:

When potential buyers show interest, make appointments for viewings and test drives. Show patience and answer any questions they may have.

10. negotiations and closing:

Be open to negotiation, but remain realistic about the value of your RV. If you agree on a price, make sure you use a legally sound sales contract and that it is filled out properly. Congratulations on the sale!

Selling a motorhome online with ease

Are you looking for a simple and secure way to sell your recreational vehicle at a good price? With caravanmarkt24, you can conveniently obtain purchase offers from almost 300 specialist dealers completely online and sell your motorhome within just 24 hours at the highest bid if you like the price. Save yourself the hassle of viewings, test drives and tiresome price negotiations and sell online. Get non-binding information now and sell your motorhome easily.