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Sell your motorhome faster

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Basically, two things can happen when you sell your used motorhome: Either the downtime is quite short and you find a buyer quickly or - the sale simply doesn't go through and you wait what feels like "forever" for a buyer.

But why is that the case? Of course, many factors play a role in the selling time, such as the brand of your motorhome, its age, mileage, engine, condition, equipment and any existing defects. However, there is one decisive factor that trumps all others and has the greatest impact on the selling time - the price.

But what does this have to do with the selling time?

Short sales time - the rarer case

Have you ever experienced the following phenomenon?

You post your motorhome on one of the relevant online exchanges such as or ebay Kleinanzeigen. Within less than half an hour, a large number of interested parties get in touch by phone or contact form, including various private individuals, systematic buyers à la "was letzte Preis" or even reputable motorhome dealers. Before you know it, you will have several potential buyers for your motorhome. It is not uncommon for a dealer to want to buy your motorhome directly over the phone and insist on sending you the purchase contract and a deposit immediately to secure the purchase.

If this has ever happened to you and you were happy about it, then you have made the number one cardinal mistake when selling a motorhome - the price was too low. Too many potential buyers had spotted the bargain and wanted to strike quickly before someone else beat them to it.

Disadvantages of a short sales period?

Yes, such a thing does exist, and for the following reasons:

  • You may sell your motorhome below its value
  • You have not waited for the best bid, but may have sold prematurely to the first interested party willing to buy

Professional tip no. 1: If you receive a lot of inquiries within a very short space of time, you should increase the price slightly and wait a few days. Don't accept the first offer that comes along. Make a note of the details of serious prospective buyers and let them know that you would like to wait a few more days to hear further offers. If you don't receive a better offer within a week, call off your list of interested parties. If the prospective buyers drop out, lower the price again until there is more demand.

Rule of thumb: A reasonable selling time for a motorhome sale is usually no more than two to three weeks.

Sales time too long - the more common case

Perhaps you are one of those who experience exactly the opposite when selling a motorhome: you list your motorhome and very little or virtually nothing happens at first. Hardly a phone call, few inquiries via the contact form. Every now and then an interested party, but nothing binding. Weeks go by and your advertisement slips lower and lower in the results list of the online exchange.

Did you know that the online portal, for example, offers the option of sorting according to the time the vehicle has been parked? If you take a look at the hit list sorted in this way, you will see that a large number of motorhomes are still online after many weeks and sometimes even after several months. The sales time here is far too long. If it takes you longer than two to three weeks to sell your motorhome, then in most cases you have made cardinal mistake no. 2 - the price is simply too high or not in line with the market.

Disadvantages of a long sales period

  • Prospective buyers will notice that your motorhome has been on the market for a long time and may assume that there must be reasons not to buy your motorhome (e.g. defects, unkempt condition, too high a price, etc.)
  • Interested parties are called to the scene who specifically filter for motorhomes that have been on the market for a long time in order to then make the sellers rather poor purchase offers in the hope of getting a bargain or buying well below market value
  • You are increasingly unsettled because you receive too few inquiries or inquiries with inappropriate purchase price proposals
  • Interested parties may arrange viewings and test drives with you and are basically even determined to buy, but no one is prepared to pay "your" price
  • In the worst case scenario, you finally give up after several weeks and sell below value to a persistent prospective buyer because you don't want to wait any longer for a buyer who will pay "your" price

Pro tip no. 2: Delete your advertisement from the online market. Wait a week and re-list your motorhome, possibly with different photos and a slightly lower price. Choose the "basis for negotiation" option. Many private prospective buyers in particular like to create so-called search requests so that they are immediately informed of new advertisements. This allows you to position your motorhome "fresh" on the market and (re)draw the attention of new or old potential buyers.

Selling a motorhome quickly - how does it work?

The selling time is an important factor when selling a motorhome, which is primarily determined by the right price. One of the oldest market rules in the world states that "everything has its price" - in other words, a product of any quality can be sold exactly when the appropriate market price has been found for it. Both too short and too long a selling time when selling a motorhome have various disadvantages. If you list your motorhome for sale online, your aim should be not to exceed a selling time of two to three weeks. By the way, how long is your motorhome currently parked?

Professional tip no. 3: If you want to reduce your selling time to less than 24 hours when selling your used motorhome and if you want to find out what the "right" price is, then we recommend our guaranteed free online sales portal caravanmarkt24.

How the quick and easy motorhome sale works

Simply create your free online sales advertisement in under 15 minutes and offer your motorhome or caravan for sale to over 250 reputable specialist dealers at the same time. Receive offers to buy your recreational vehicle during a maximum 24-hour bidding period and sell at the highest bid after the auction ends, but only if you are satisfied with the highest bid. If your minimum selling price is not reached at the end of the bidding process, there is of course no obligation to sell. Save time and nerves and do everything from the comfort of your own home - that's how selling works today!

Do dealers pay good prices for used motorhomes?

Attention: If you now think that a dealer cannot pay you a "good" price for your motorhome, you are unfortunately mistaken. In our knowledge article 9 reasons for selling to a dealer, you can find out why dealers are (currently) paying very good prices for used motorhomes.

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