January 15, 20242 Minutes reading time

Motorhome market to collapse in 2023? Reasons for the reluctance to buy


New study sheds light on current reluctance to buy

Are you already familiar with the recent satisfaction survey conducted by the magazine "promobil"? Over 12,000 readers were asked for their opinion in 2023, including the following question:

"What has stopped you from buying a motorhome so far?"

Respondents are most bothered by the high purchase costs (58% of responses), followed by significantly higher prices (40% of responses). Another reason given for the reluctance to buy is that there is not enough time to use the motorhome. This is obviously due to the fact that more and more people are once again favoring other forms of travel (air travel, hotel trips, etc.), especially after the coronavirus pandemic.

Supply bottlenecks no longer an issue

Remarkable: Only 16% are still bothered by the long delivery time, so this no longer seems to be a valid reason for a reluctance to buy! This is mainly due to the fact that more and more manufacturers are able to deliver new motorhomes quickly and delivery bottlenecks are decreasing significantly.

Enclosed you can see the results of the survey in detail:

Source: "Promobil" satisfaction study 2023

Effects on the motorhome market

New motorhomes are available again, the time of supply shortages is over. Many dealers are sensing the seriousness of the situation and are now offering discounts on new vehicles or even better equipment packages. New motorhomes can be ordered from most manufacturers again without any problems. Fiat and Citroen are again supplying sufficient chassis, Fiat also with automatic transmission. New chassis have come onto the market, including from Ford, VW and MAN. The increasing easing of the supply situation and the simultaneous fall in demand is inevitably leading to falling prices, both on the market for new motorhomes and on the used vehicle market.

The latest findings on the motorhome market can be found in the following article: Price forecast 2024 Price trends for motorhomes

Our tip: sell your motorhome sooner rather than later

If you are thinking of selling your motorhome, now is the right time to sell your recreational vehicle before the market finally collapses. Dealers are currently still paying good prices for used vehicles. Demand for used vehicles will soon fall as soon as new motorhomes are back in stock at dealerships.

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