Our vision of a better sales experience for motorhome and caravan owners

We are convinced that digitization is increasingly affecting all areas of our lives. And we believe that technical progress improves things permanently. In our view, this also includes the sale of a used vehicle. That's why there is a central guiding question behind everything we do:

How can we use digital tools and processes to make selling motorhomes and caravans as easy and convenient as possible?

caravanmarkt24.de offers you an innovative online solution that makes selling your vehicle a matter of joy and simplicity. Sell your motorhome or caravan in the shortest possible time at the best market price and save time and nerves at the same time. Everything online and from the comfort of your home - that's how selling works today!

Oleg Rubinov - Founder / co-CEO / COO
Oleg joined his father's used car dealership at a young age and learned the business from scratch. Over the past few years, Oleg has taken over the business, successively expanding it and trading over 400 vehicles annually. Since 2019, he specialized more and more in used vehicles from the camping and caravan segment and sold vehicles with his team to customers from all over the country. Through his 10-year career as a used car dealer, he is very familiar with the needs of buyers and sellers. He is co-founder of caravanmarkt24.de and responsible for the operational business development. Oleg has a degree in business administration and is a passionate car driver.
Peter Siemen - Founder / co-CEO / CTO
Peter has been at home in the Berlin start-up world for more than a decade. Customer-centric product development through innovative cloud architectures and data-driven software development are his technical specialties. His professional career started in 2009 as a machine learning software engineer at Nokia Maps in Berlin. After only 2 years, he answered the call of the market and started his own business as a Machine-Learning Consultant, developing innovative software products for companies like Zalando, Zanox and a handful of other Berlin-based start-ups. From 2014 to 2019, Peter led the development of the online art platform Juniqe.com as CTO. In 2019, he founded 'Peter Siemen Cloud Solution Engineering UG' to support companies as a freelance cloud solution architect. Peter is co-founder of caravanmarkt24.de and responsible for technical product development.